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Year 4

Children in Year 4 start each term with a new topic which begins with a Wow Factor experience and ends with a Fantastic Finish. Children will enjoy books throughout each topic, with two that they will become very familiar with. The unit plans set out how subjects are woven throughout the topic.


Curriculum Overviews

Autumn - Tomb Raiders

Sensational Start: Ufton Court Visit – Ancient Egyptians Guru Nanak Gurdwara Visit

Fantastic Finish – Egyptian Mask / Cartouche making

Children will visit Highclere Castle and their Egyptian Exhibition to begin their topic. They will learn about Ancient Egypt. Children will undertake projects to support their understanding of the time including designing and making a model of a Shaduf and experimenting with weaving techniques to make a cape for a Pharoah. The celebration of the end of the topic will be a chance to get creative making an Egyptian mask.

Autumn - Tomb Raiders

Spring - Invaders And Settlers

Sensational Start: Anglo-Saxon Workshop/ Hands-On Science – Electricity and Circuits Workshop Fantastic Finish – Making Viking Longships

Year 4 continues their historical study, moving on to the time of Anglo-Saxon settlements and Viking invasion. They will be visited by ‘The Viking Man’ who will spark children’s interest in the topic. In geography, children will study the area of Scandinavia. In Design Technology, they will follow Viking recipes for nettle soup and bread. Children will learn about Norse art and the intricate patterns used. The children will make and sail models of Viking Longboats on the River Lea.

Spring - Invaders And Settlers

Summer - Like A Duck To Water

Sensational Start:Caribbean Steel Pan Drumming and Food Tasting/ Bridge Workshop/ Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum Visit 
Fantastic Finish – Southfield Carnival/ Luton Carnival/ Residential – Walesby Forest
The key text is Holes by Louis Sachar, this fully engages children in the topic. Children begin the topic with a design technology-focused workshop making bridges. In science, they will learn about the water cycle and changing states of matter. Children engage in a local history study and will learn about the work of Claude Monet, using their knowledge of rivers to inform their artwork. The fantastic finish will be a cinema experience.
Summer - Like A Duck To Water